Who, where, why

We’re a small team based in London. Between us we’ve been making databases, designing and coding websites, publishing books and managing studios for nearly 20 years.

This huge breadth of knowledge and experience has helped us develop Hako.art

Why develop Hako?
The system has been in gradual development for major artists for 18 years. It was custom built for each artist and hosted on local servers. This meant it was expensive and required lots of support.

A few years ago we started working with the art360 project with DACS in London. This pushed us forward very quickly and showed the need for an affordable and artist focussed system. Bringing Hako online would make it affordable and provide better support and functionality.

So we went off and got some private funding and now run out of an office in London, N1.

Our business model is a little different. Instead of charging large subscription fees (which most artists couldn’t afford) we are partnering with suppliers to offer purchasing through Hako. This might be something as simple as studio insurance, or something more integrated like print on demand - a couple of clicks to print an artwork image directly from Hako!

This side of the system will grow enormously as we partner with professional Certificate printers, blockchain provenance providers, shippers , craters, framers…

And we really want to expand on our glossary and educational content. Please get in touch if you think you can help!


A small selection of our clients past and present, some of whom have now become our ambassadors:

  • AB Fine Art Foundry
  • Angela de la Cruz
  • Barbara Hepworth Estate
  • Barry Flanagan Estate
  • Bill Woodrow
  • Chapman Brothers
  • David Batchelor
  • Eddie Peake
  • Gavin Turk
  • Joseph Kosuth
  • Liliane Lijn
  • Marc Quinn
  • Peter Blake
  • Rupert Harris Conservation
  • Trolley Books
  • Uriel Orlow
  • Waddington Custot Galleries